$29.90 NZD
$29.90 NZD
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What happens when the humble metal frame meets stretchy rubber? The good o’l Slingshot/Shanghai. As easy to use as it is fun, Paintball Slingshots are hours of fun with none of the hassle.

The Powerline Slingshot with Arm brace is one of the three slingshots in our “Premier” range and delivers plenty of power.
This Slingshot was made in Taiwan and has a sleek, moulded sure-grip handle providing great control.
It also has a solid steel frame and hand through arm brace, which supports and steadies the arm and improves aim and accuracy.


· Cargo Pocket Slingshot
· Moulded pistol-grip handle
· Solid steel frame
· Strong sure grip
· Durable surgical grade tubing
· Durable leather release pouch
· Shoots paintballs, steel, leads or glass shot
· An ideal slingshot introduction
· Extends from 250mm to 600mm

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