Gun Purchase Form

Before dispatching a Airsoft Gun or Paintball marker the law requires us to gather some information including your ID before dispatching a Firearm / Air gun.

We are required to sight you ID in person OR have you local police officer sight your ID with the attached form filled out

Please take a minute to fill in the form below and we will get your purchase dispatched to you ASAP.

1.  Please Download Gun Purchase form HERE

2. Fill out the relevant information and physically take the form along to your local Police station. The officer in charge will scan a copy of your ID and send the information through to us. You can find your local Police station and contact details  HERE

3. Your Airsoft Gun / Paintball Marker will be dispatched on the courier. 

We would encourage you to read and understand firearms safety and the safe use of firearms before using your new Marker/Gun HERE

4. For those wanting more information around the Arms act 1983 please click HERE

If you have any questions regarding this form or privacy please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us by phone 09 415 0101 or reach out by email HERE