GOG Paintball

GoG Paintball is a continuation of the legendary Smart Parts paintball company. GOG Paintball Guns put high performance into your hands for less money. GoG Paintball Markers are affordable, easy to maintain and accurate. No matter if you are a beginner or intermediate, speedballer or woodsballer, there is a GoG marker that is perfect for your playing needs.

The unique eNMEy cartridge style spool valve system allows you to convert from .50 caliber to .68 using no tools and in under 2 minutes . This means you can use the eNMEy for any type of paintball at nearly any field, regardless of caliber. Since the system was designed from the ground-up to be swapped, there is no clumsy ā€œkitā€ involved. Switching calibers isĀ as simple as swapping the valve system (no tools), remove the breach insert, screw on yourĀ 68 caliber barrel and your good to go! (sold separately).

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