Warranty Covers:

Our Warranty policy covers all items we sell including but not limited to Paintball Rifles and Pistols, Airsoft Rifles and Pistols, Batteries, Accessories, Parts, Clothes.

Disposable Items such as Orings, ammo is not covered by warranty unless it arrives in a damaged state. The purchaser needs to contact us immediately to remedy this.

Our Warranty policy will cover up to 90 days. All warranty claims require proof of purchase from the original purchaser and is not transferable to anyone else. In the case of a refund all accessories that come with the order must be returned. The purchaser needs to pay shipping to send it back to us.

Warranty Does Not Cover:

*Second Hand Items.
*Normal wear and tear to mechanical parts whilst using the item.
*Any tampering or modification to the gun or accessories.
*Incorrect use, abuse or neglect of the items.
*Improper care or maintenance.
*Special Items we import for customers. The warranty of these items will be discussed before we import them and are a case by case basis.

Warranty Void If:

*The Gun, Item or Accessory is disassembled.
*Tampering or Modifying the Gun, Item or Accessory in any way.
*Physical damage due to misuse and neglect.
*Failure to follow operating instructions.

Manufacturer's warranty:

If the item is covered by a manufacture's warranty we will work with them on your behalf. The replacement of items or parts will be at the discretion of the manufacturer.
You may be required to pay for the shipping of parts to us and from us depending on what is required. This can include parts from overseas.