Menace .50cal Paintball Pistol

Introducing G.I.’s new 50cal Low Impact Pistol.
Compliment any scenario game with this compact air efficient side arm.

Lightweight, well balanced and affordable, the Menace Pistol ramps up the fun factor while providing great back up!

- Low impact .50 caliber
- 7 round magazine
- Uses 12g CO2
- Lightweight
- Durable construction
- Approx 70 shots per 12g co2

Set at 350fps out of the box.

To purchase you must comply with ONE of the below requirements:

*Hold a Firearms license OR
*Be over 18 and belong to a Paintball or Airsoft club.

**For all mail order purchases we will supply an age verification form which must be completed and taken to a police station with ID before we can send.

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