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GOG ENMEY .50 CAL 170-190 FPS Delin Ring

GOG ENMEY .50 CAL 170-190 FPS Delin Ring

Because the eNMEy 50 caliber can operate in velocity ranges from 120fps-300fps you can set up your eNMEy fleet to fit the group you service. For younger players you may want to lower velocity to reduce impact to its lowest levels. For adults that are apprehensive about getting hit, but want to be able to shoot the full field length you can adjust your eNMEy fleet up to 300fps to give them the range with the reduced impact of 50 caliber.

Velocity in the eNMEy is controlled by a regulator, so it is consistent on CO2 or compressed air. The inline regulator also means more consistent velocity, field owners using the eNMEy can advertise that their field is SAFER than fields that do not use a rental marker with a regulator.

Interchangeable volume inserts allow you to customize your fleet to operate an enormous range of velocities and maintain the same shot quality and reliability you expect from the GOG eNMEy.

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