The Gog eNMEy is an awesome little marker thats making waves! This lightweight marker is easy to use and simple to look after, making it the perfect gun to grab if youre just getting started, or if you want a simple little marker to add to your collection.

Utilizing the best materials for each component, the eNMEy surrounds a stabile hard anodized aluminum receiver with a light weight, durable nylon/fiber composite cover and grip frame similar to those found in modern police/military rated firearms.

With a bolt-out-the-back design, the bolt and valve core remove easily from the back of the marker. With only one moving part, no metal-on-metal contact and no springs, the eNMEy valve and bolt are easy to clean and maintain. There are only 4 components to the bolt system of a .68 cal. eNMEy and only one moves. Lubrication of the bolt system can be done in less than 3 minutes and requires absolutely no tools, spend time playing paintball not teching your marker.

There are no springs to loose, no hammers to cock-back just disengage the reliable mechanical safety and your ready to play. The eNMEy is easy to own and easy to use, no matter what your skill level every player can appreciate an easy to use marker.

The eNMEy is designed around performance, safety and value. The integrated regulator insures safe velocity control regardless of propellant source. The pneumatic spool valve design offers low maintenance and absolutely no metallic wear. High performance design and top grade materials means the GOG eNMEy delivers huge value and incredible performance.


You will be required to provide an 18 ID for legal records.

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