GladiatAir Ultralite Carbon Fibre Airtank 68ci

$368.00 NZD
$368.00 NZD
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Being smaller and lighter than original carbon fibre paintball tanks, it is perfect for tournament play. Pro-players using the U68 have commented that it enhances their agility and performance.

The Ultralite series paintball tanks are built with a tougher carbon fibre wrap, requiring less carbon fibre to achieve the required strength. Lightweight and durable, the U series delivers the ultimate performance for the pro player. The U68 is the perfect capacity for your average tournament player.


Manufactured from quality materials and to the highest international standards. Globally Certified enabling use in Australia, New Zealand, Europe & North America.


Diameter: 112mm
Length: 208mm (without reg)
Weight: 0.8kg