G&G M1 Garand ETU Airsoft Rifle

$1,099.00 NZD
$1,099.00 NZD
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M1 Garand ETU Airsoft Rifle

Designed and manufactured by G&G, M1 Garand is a high-quality replica of one of the most iconic semi-automatic rifles in history.

M1, or more precisely the "U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1" is the first standard-issue autoloading rifle for the US. Developed by Quebec-born American John Garand, it was a weapon that completely changed the organization of the infantry units in the United States Army and other branches. Thanks to the self-loading mechanism, the volume of fire was increased considerably. This gave an edge in the battle over opponents using mainly bolt-action rifles - Kar98K and Arisaka.

Used primarily by the Allies during WW2, M1 Garand saw numerous use in various future conflicts around the globe. Currently, it is often used as a hunting and sporting gun, with specific models as highly sought collector's items. It is noteworthy to say that M1 Garand gas operating system inspired Mikhail Kalashnikov in designing the AK-pattern rifle mechanics, making it the de facto grandfather of the AK platform.

This replica is fed from a removable magazine holding 20 rounds. It weighs around 3650g and shoots in semi-automatic mode as the original. Superior materials and craftsmanship guarantee the smooth and realistic operation of the bolt and charging handle during use.

Material: Aluminum / Steel / Zinc / Polymer / Wood
Motor: Standard Motor18000rpm (Short)
Gear box bearing: 8mm ball bearing
Inner Barrel Length: 510 mm
Magazine: 20Rounds
Overall Length: 1103mm
Weight: 3650g
Electronic Trigger: Yes