Empire Vanquish 2.0

$1,995.00 NZD
$1,995.00 NZD
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Empire Paintball introduced the Vanquish. It was renowned for its performance and cutting edge features like on-board pressure sensors and single tool maintenance. At Empire, we are never satisfied and are constantly working in the background to make our amazing products even greater. The next-generation Vanquish has arrived. The new vanquish sports re-designed body that hides hardware, offers a sculpted more refined look and incorporates a slick push button bolt removal design.

New Vanquish 2.0 Features:

Improved engine pressure balanced airflow creates an even softer shot with less kick.
New 2-piece Driver XX barrel with 7.5" control bore in four barrel back sizes (.682, .685, .688, .691) Quiet and accurate.
Improved push button Bolt removal and hinged Frame for ultra quick maintenance.
Includes Vanquish 1.5 Bolt, Rod/Spring and Ball Detent upgrades.
New improved design of the 4-way Adjustable Dual-Bearing Trigger
Improved 2.7KHz Beeper to provide audio feedback

Hardware Features:

Pressure balanced Spool Valve firing engine
Precision pressure sensor for onscreen pressure readout - No external gauge needed
Widescreen OLED display with super bright 2000:1 contrast ratio is standard on the vanquish
5-way Joystick navigation control
Nano-watt XLP flash micro-controller performing up to 16 MIPS (million instructions per second) provides highly accurate timing while not eating your battery

Software Features:

"Slick Assistant" Lubricant Monitoring System alerts you when you need to lube your marker
Interrupt based firmware gives an ultra responsive feel when firing. Virtually no lag time between trigger pull and response time
Super intuitive menu system that makes changing settings quick and easy
3 customizable User Configurations to quickly and easily switch style of play in seconds
Preset Tournament Firing Modes to keep you legal at any major tournament series
Customizable ramping and full-auto modes to max out your marker's performance