Electric Airsoft Rifle G&G ARP9 2.0

$639.00 NZD
$639.00 NZD
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G&G ARP9 2.0

A compact, lightweight pistol caliber M4 / AR15 electric airsoft rifle platform that has been known as one of the best options when skirmishing in CQB scenarios and for speedsofting. The G&G ARP9 2.0 is the updated version and it has new features.

The 2.0 version now features a larger battery compartment compared to its predecessor and it also has a new stock design. The PDW style stock features a quick deployment feature as well as a customizable length. The full stock length can be adjusted, allowing users to find the perfect adjustment when deploying the stock.

It features an M-Lok rail and it comes with a hand stop preinstalled. Also, the gun features a 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel which will allow for the fitment of different muzzle devices.

Material: Polymer / Aluminum
Motor: 18K Motor-Long Axis
Gear box bearing: 8mm Brass bushings
Inner Barrel Length: 168 mm
Magazine: 170 Rounds
Overall Length: 597.8mm
Weight: 1964g
Electronic Trigger: Yes


To purchase you must comply with ONE of the below requirements:

*Hold a Firearms license OR
*Be over 18 and belong to a Paintball or Airsoft club.