Dye UL-I Insert .692

$99.00 NZD
$99.00 NZD
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.692 bore

Key Features:

Interchangeable Bore Inserts: The DYE Boomstick-I Barrel Insert System offers a set of 9 bore inserts with various diameters ranging from .676 to .692. These inserts can be easily swapped within the Boomstick-I barrel system, allowing players to quickly adapt to different paintball sizes and achieve the best possible barrel-to-paintball match. Compatible with barrels that accept the PWR insert system.

8.5 Inch Control Bore
Progressive Porting
Ultra-quiet Sound Signature
Optimized Harmonics
Precision Multi-stage Honing
Self-centering 3 Piece Design
Slip Fit, Self-clamping Design
Superior Accuracy
Autococker Quick Threads (barrel back)
Multiple Insert Bore Sizes
Insert Compatibility: Boomstick-I, *PWR Systems