Dye Slick Lube UL Advanced 1/4oz

$22.90 NZD
$22.90 NZD
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Now with a new formula better engineered specifically for paintball. A well lubed marker goes the distance, so keep your marker properly lubed with the good stuff!

Dye's New Advanced Slick Lube was designed and tested by top professional players and engineers to meet the demands of today's most advanced paintball markers and keep them running at peak performance.
Now with a new formula engineered specifically for paintball to last longer and deliver more shots with less friction.
A little goes a long way - get more of of your lube by using a grease that lasts longer and delivers the best possible performance.
For use on both spool valve and poppet valve style markers. Works on bolts, regulators, rams, and anything on your marker that you need to keep free and moving.