Dye M3+ Deep Blue 2.0

$2,999.00 NZD
$2,999.00 NZD
Tax included.


The M3+ is Performance Elevated.

DYE’s new M3+ with MOS Air is a superior performer in every way, combining new design and new advancements with tried-and-true features to deliver a marker ready to elevate your game to the next level. Confidence is built right in thanks to the all-new DYE Slide Lock Airport ASA, updated FL-21 Bolt System with all-new Flex Face Bolt Tip, refined 4th Generation Patented Eye Pipe System, new BWing21 Solenoid Housing, all-new BWing21 Mag-Reach Trigger Blade, all-new UL-S 2-Piece Barrel System + much more.

Staying true to DYE’s design theory, the ergonomic design of the M3+ is unmatched. The UL frame hourglass design, full wrap, dual density Sticky Grips, Bwing21 Mag-Reach Trigger, and SLAP ASA gives the player absolute comfort and control. An extraordinary combination of style, technology, comfort and capability have helped make the M3+ the most elevated performance marker in paintball.

FL-21 Bolt
Flex Face Bolt Tip
Quick Release Bolt
SLAP ASA Slide Lock AirPort
4th Gen Eye Pipe System
BWing21 Solenoid Housing
BWing21 Mag-Reach Trigger Blade
MOSair Operating System
Prism Interface
Internal Pressure Sensor
Rechargeable Battery
VOKE Compatible
Freewire Connectors
UL 45 Frame
Sticky Grips
Hyper 6s Pro
Lockdwn2 Clamping Feed Neck
Colored O-Rings
Low Profile Design
DYE UL-s Barrel Back with UL-s 8" Tip Porting

Wireless charging: set up your charging pad and never plug in again. Your M3+ can now be charged on any near field charging base, and the DYE charging pad works with all standard NFC systems. Is your smartphone as advanced as the M3+? It’s time to charge and play.


8 inch barrel back
7 inch control bore
5.7 grams lighter than standard UL back
Autococker threads
Compatible with all DYE barrel tips