Dye Boomstick UL-I 16" Tip Blue Dust

$169.00 NZD
$169.00 NZD
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16" Tip.

The UL-I is THE upgrade for paintball markers and offers unparalleled versatility and performance. The extended 8.5” control bore utilizes multi-stage precision honing and boasts the most accurate and consistent finish available in paintball. Our trademarked muzzle brake boasts progressive porting and optimized harmonics and an ultra-quiet sound signature that is aesthetically pleasing. This barrel insert system allows players to easily switch between different bore sizes to match their paintballs and optimize accuracy and efficiency on the field.

Key Features:

Interchangeable Bore Inserts: The DYE UL-I Barrel Insert System offers a set of 9 bore inserts with various diameters ranging from .676 to .692. Compatible with barrels that accept the PWR insert system.
Precision-Machined Construction: Meticulously machined from high-quality materials to ensure exceptional durability and consistency.
Enhanced Accuracy: Improved accuracy. A proper match between the paintball and barrel diameter reduces air turbulence and ensures a straighter trajectory, resulting in more precise shots and increased hit rates.
Air Efficiency: Optimal air efficiency. The right barrel-to-paintball match minimizes wasted air and ensures consistent velocity, allowing for increased shots per air tank fill.
Quick and Toolless Insert Changes: Switching between different bore inserts is quick and hassle-free. Simply unscrew the barrel from the marker, remove the current insert, and insert the desired one. The secure locking mechanism ensures a snug fit.
Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of popular “autococker” threaded paintball markers on the market. It comes in different lengths and threading options to accommodate various personal preferences.

8.5 Inch Control Bore
Progressive Porting
Ultra-quiet Sound Signature
Optimized Harmonics
Self-centering 3 Piece Design
Slip Fit, Self-clamping Design
Autococker Quick Threads (barrel back)
Multiple Insert Bore Sizes
Insert Compatibility: UL-I, *PWR Systems