Atomic Pickle Atom 6- V2 105 Pieces

$115.00 NZD
$115.00 NZD
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All New from Atomic Pickle industries - Atom 6 V2.0

Choose from: 105, 500, or 1000!

What's the ATOM6 Projectile?
It's an all new fun and flexible .68 cal projectile fired from a paintball gun. 
They are made so you can play and train at home in your living room, basements and garages without damaging walls or objects.
ATOM6 are for use indoors at home at close range, rather than at a field or outdoors.
The ATOM6 contains no paint...and they're reusable

FAQ on the all new Atom 6:

What is the range of the Atom 6?
3-15m is ideal and is only designed for use indoors.

What does it feel like to get hit with an ATOM6?
"They hurt just enough to not want to get hit by 'em..."

But if there’s no paint, how do I know I hit my target?
When the drone spirals out of control and crashes to the floor – You know you got a hit. When the guy attacking you with a Nerf gun squeals and runs away – You know you got a hit. When your practice target flies through the air – You know you got a hit :)

What loaders & hoppers are compatible? Magfed?
ATOM6 work best with basic Gravity Fed Hoppers, or if you want to go nuts use the Proto Primo hopper. 
Force fed electronic loaders can be used with varying success. 
We reccomended you adjust the torque settings lower to increase reliability.

Magfed testing continues with the ATOM6 v2.0. Here is what has worked so far (preliminary): 
M5, DMR, PMC and M17A2, FSC. Does not work in TMC and MAXTAC. 
Customers are encouraged to feedback and help test different equipment.

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