World Wide Price Matching!

World Wide Price Matching!

Because of great relationships with suppliers all over the World, Here at Paintball Shop we are able to offer competitive prices World Wide! If you can find a cheaper price anywhere else, be sure to let us know and we will match or beat it!

Importing has many hidden costs and pitfalls but with great volumes and bulk buys we are able to keep your landed price to a minimum. Here are a few costs to consider when importing yourself:

Exchange rate: If you are buying in USD or Euro the price can be up to double what you see advertised. To work out the exchange rate, simply divide the advertised price with the current exchange rate; IE for buying a Gun for $200 USD, and the exchange rate was .78c the price would work out to be: 200/.78 = $256.40 NZD.

If you prefer to buy in USD or want to compare prices on our website, feel free to toggle between the currencies at the top of the page, next to the search bar.

Freight Charge: Freight can be a killer on small items when ordering overseas, sometimes as much as the item itself. One off purchases often result in exorbitant freight costs so always make sure to check total freight costs before clicking buy.

Customs Clearance Charges: The cost for an agent clear the goods through customs, Usually NZ Post for smaller items, This charge usually starts at $50 making many small items not viable to import and requiring an specific agent on larger orders.

GST: 15% on all goods coming into the country must be paid to our government! Something easy to miss when importing.

Supplier Backup: Something to consider when buying overseas is support of product. Timezones and location are often frustrating when trying to sort an issue by email or phone, but buying local put the service aspect back on the importer.

Import Permits: Most Paintball and Airsoft guns require Import permits which can be tricky to navigate. Permits require you submit your intentions directly to the NZ Police including Club and IDs. If the gun hits customs and the permit is not present you can run the risk of the of it being destroyed or returned to supplier at your cost.

Paintball Shop is doing these processes every day, taking the hassle out of importing for you. We are committed to exceptional backup and International price matching so give us a try today!

Head over to contact form, put the URL of the product you need price matching, drop us a line and we will be in touch! 

Please note the item being price matched must be in stock and identical to the item that is being purchased. (color, style, size, etc)