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Tippmann X7 Universal Parts Kit - For Tippmann X7 Marker

Keep Your Tippmann X7 Paintball Gun In Tip-Top Condition With This A5 Universal Parts Kit. It Includes A Full Range Of Replacement Parts For The Tippmann X-7 Paintball Marker And Includes A Clear Plastic Case With Individual Sections For Parts.

Tippmann X7 Universal Parts Kit Includes:

(1) Front Bolt O-Ring
(1) Rear Bolt O Ring
(1) Push Pin
(1) Ball Latch
(1) Valve O Ring (Large)
(1) Trigger Plate Pin
(1) Valve Spring Washer
(1) Velocity Screw
(2) Body Nuts
(2) Receiver Bolts (Short)
(1) Feeder Ratchet
(1) Sear Roll Pin
(1) Marker Oil
(1) Drive Spring

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