Flatline Barrel For Tippmann 98 (Platinum Series Only)

The Tippmann Flatline Paintball Marker Barrel Is Designed For Accuracy And Range With Patented Technology That Creates Backspin To Produce Level And Accurate Shots. The Minimal Trajectory Eliminates The Need To Arch The Barrel.

The Tippmann Flatline Barrel Is One Of The Most Popular Upgrades That Owners Purchase For Their Tippmann A-5, 98 Custom, Or Model 98. The Flatline Barrel Is Curved Slightly, And The Inside Has A Course Texture, In Order To Put A Backspin On The Paintball. This Backspin Causes The Paintball To Fly Flat Instead Of In An Arc, Which Can Be Very Helpful Both For Aiming And Playing In The Woods Where Trees Often Make It Impossible To Arc Your Shot.

Most Owners Of The Flatline Barrel Find It To Be A Valuable And Powerful Addition To Their Tippmann. However, There Are Several Issues That Flatline Barrel Owners Should Be Aware Of:

The Barrel Adds About 100 Feet To Your Range While Maintaining Accuracy. Some Owners Report That Paintballs Will Not Always Break If You Hit Someone From That Far Away, But With Other Barrels The Paintball Won'T Break Either Because You Can'T Even Reach Targets That Far. At Least With The Flatline, You Have The Chance Of Tagging Someone From Extended Distances And Can Use The Shots As Suppressive Fire While Someone On Your Team Makes A Move Further Upfield.

The ?Slow? Or ?Floating? Effect: Don'T Be Fooled By People Who Say Flatlines Shoot Balls Slowly. Because It Comes Straight At You Instead Of In An Arc, It Is Very Difficult For Enemy Players To Judge How Quickly A Ball From The Flatline Is Approaching - It Seems To Just Float In Front Of Them And Then, Wam!, Tenths Of Seconds Later They'Re Hit.

One Of The Best Additions You Can Make To Your 98!!

Note: Will Fit Tippmen 98 (Ps)

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