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Proto Reflex/Rail Medium Repair Kit

The Proto Medium Parts Kit Comes With Everything You Need To Keep Your Reflex Or Rail In Top Of The Line Condition!
Kit Includes:

#R30510021 Eye Wire (1)
#R30710062 Eye Pipe (2)
#R30510038 Ball Detent (5)
007 Ur90 Hyper Reg (5)
009 Bn70 Bolt System (10)
010 Bn70 Hyper Reg (10)
012 Bn70 Bolt Can (5)
013 Bn70 Hyper Reg Swivel (5)
014 Bn70 Bolt Tip Plunger (10)
013X2Mm Bn90 Bolt Bumper (5)
015 Bn70 Bolt (10)
015 Bn90 Bolt (5)
017 Bn70 Top Hat (10)
020 Bn70 Outer Bolt Sleeves (10)
#R60000067 Front Bumper Bolt (5)
#R10202080 8-32X5/16 Btn Grip Panel Screw (5)
#R10202083 8-32X7/16 Btn Frame Mounting Screw (2)
#R10200156 Trigger Spring (2)
#R30510032 Button Cover (2)
#R30580802 Ul Frame On/Off Buttons (2)
#R60001021 Rail Frame On/Off Button (2)


Collections: Dye, Parts & Maintenance

Category: Dye, Kit, Parts, Rails, Repair

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