The Empire Resurrection is the Autococker reborn, where new school style meets old school design. Taking the best parts out of classic WGP models, we’ve created a super smooth and accurate ‘Cocker that all players will love. With all the bells and whistles installed to make the Resurrection live up to the beloved Autococker legacy from WGP, but designed with a distinct Empire twist. Step onto the field, but not back in time with the Empire Resurrection in your hands.


Closed bolt system for extreme accuracy
Incredibly stable firing platform
Low pressure operation for a soft shot
14" Ported, aluminum 6pc Sniper barrel kit for a good paint-to-barrel match that includes: 1-14 in barrel tip and 5 backs (.675, .680, .685, .690, .695)
Easy-to-use On/Off ASA
Clamping feedneck with thumb adjustment makes installing the hopper simple
Adjustable LPR (Low Pressure Regulator)
Slide Trigger Frame with Trigger Shoe
Dual soft rubber ball Detents
Comfortable 45-frame molded, wrap-around grips
Quick Strip Delrin Bolt

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