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Dye Nt10/Nt11 Medium Repair Kit

The Nt10 / Nt11 Repair Kit Includes Every Necessary Part Needed To Fix And Tune Up Your Dye Nt Paintball Gun. It Is A Dye Certified Repair Kit So All The Parts That Are In This Kit Are The Factory Replacement Parts Used In The Nt Paintball Marker. This Will Guarantee You Have The Correct O Rings And Parts To Make Your Gun Function Properly. Aftermarket Kits Do Not Have The Same Parts And Are Not Certified By Dye. If You Want To Ensure You Have The Correct Parts That Were Specifically Designed And Tested In The Dye Nt Then Only Buy The Factory Repair Kit. These Kits Also Come With Color Coded O Rings So It Makes Changing Any O Ring On The Gun Very Easy!

Nt Repair Kit Includes:

2 Eye Wire
2 Bolt Flow Insert, Red
3 Bolt Rubber Soft Tip
2 Bolt Flow Insert, Blue
2 Eye Pipe Nt
4 Ball Detent
2 Eye Seal
Spool, Bleed Valve, Air Port O Rings
Hyper Reg O Rings
Hyper Reg, Air Port O Rings
Space Rod O Rings
Plunger O Rings
Hyper Reg Swivel O Rings
Bolt Tip, Plunger O Rings
Bolt O Rings
Cylinder O Rings
Bolt Bumper O Rings
Outer Bolt Sleeves O Rings
2 Nt Button Cover
4 Nt Button Cover Screw
2.6*5 Tp2 Phillips Head Screw
8 Nt On / Off Buttons
20 8-32X5/16 Btn Head Frame Screw
5 Hyper Reg Seat
2 Spool Spring
6 Spool Bumpers
8 Trigger Cam Screw
5 Trigger Pin
5 Trigger Spring
All O Rings Are Color Coded For Your Convenience


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