Gog Advantage

One Marker – Two Calibers

Players have been asking for a marker that can reliably shoot both .68 and .50 for a long time, now GOG has the solution. The eNMEy cartridge style spool valve system allows you to convert from .50 caliber to .68 using no tools and in under 2 minutes. This means you can use the eNMEy for any type of paintball at nearly any field, regardless of caliber. Since the system was designed from the ground-up to be swapped, there is no clumsy “kit” involved. Switching calibers is as simple as swapping the valve system (no tools), remove the breach insert, screw on your 68 caliber barrel and your good to go!

True Pneumatic Design – Reduced Wear

No batteries, no hammer, no sear, and no metal-on-metal wear points. The eNMEy valve is not powered by springs, instead it is operated by precisely balanced gas pressures. This tournament proven system delivers both speed and accuracy. With only one moving part serving as both the main valve and bolt.