First Strike

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First Strike offers the largest compressed air tank selection on the market. First Strike FS aluminum Tanks are offered in 13ci, 26ci, 30.5ci, 38ci, 48ci, and 62ci. Their Hero Series Carbon Fiber tanks are offered in 48ci, 68ci, 77ci, 88ci, and 100ci. No other paintball company out there offers this much variety.

All First Strike FS Tanks feature the UNISO tank certification. They have a never ending life span and are good for life! Hydro date on these tanks is 5 years so after every 5 years you will need to re-hydro your tank, but your tanks will never go bad! Standard Carbon Fiber tanks that are DOT or DOT/TC stamped have a life span of 15 years from production date and still need to be hydro tested after every 5 years. The First Strike FS tanks bring you the most value for your money.

Not only does First Strike offer the longest lasting tanks but they also managed to come up with one of the lightest tanks on the market! Yes, that’s right! The First Strike FS Hero Series tanks are some of the lightest 4500psi tanks the paintball scene has ever seen.